Colmar von der Goltz

Marketing advisor

I have extensive knowledge and more than 13 years of experience throughout the whole marketing and communication development process and value chain. Presently my work focuses on consulting marketing executives in several industries (telecommunications, finance, retail, energy, entertainment). I am leading a team of consultants who are specialized in realizing digital campaigns and other digital media applications. Due to my history in strategic branding, I am able to understand and perform the translation of the brand essence into an effective campaign. Due to the variety of industries that I was able to consult for, I am able to consult for a variety of business. One of my strengths is also in building relationships and identifying needs. It has always helped to create win-win situations between co-workers as well as with contractors and partners and ultimately for clients.

- Brand advisory for DAX30 and SMI20 companies
- Developed communication strategies and concepts for the telco and construction industry
- Worked on positioning scenarios for credit suisse and clariden leu bank
- Currently managing accounts of CHF 3.5m (all accounts)
- Successfully acquired clients of CHF 0.5m anually
- Lead a team with zero fluctuation in 2 years
- Goal oriented decision making
- Hi personal involvement for great partnerships
- Hi professional involvement in achieving goals
- 10 years of motivated creative reliability examples

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